Rely on Altech for comprehensive HMI repair services, ensuring your industrial automation equipment remains at peak performance. Our skilled technicians are ready to tackle any issue, from screen repairs to complex functionality problems, with prompt, reliable solutions.

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Discover Altech's HMI Repair

At Altech Process, we specialize in comprehensive HMI repair services, ensuring your industrial automation equipment operates seamlessly and efficiently. Our team of skilled technicians is equipped to handle a wide range of HMI issues, from simple screen repairs to complex functionality problems. We understand the critical role HMIs play in manufacturing and process control environments, which is why we offer prompt, reliable, and high-quality repair solutions. With our expertise in the latest HMI technology and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Altech Process is your trusted partner for keeping your operations running smoothly.

What is Human Machine Interface?

Human Machine Interface (HMI) are integral to our daily interactions with technology, from self-service checkouts to touchscreens such as smartphones and ATMs. In manufacturing, HMIs are crucial for controlling automation equipment, offering everything from simple screen controls to advanced touchscreens. These systems are designed to withstand harsh conditions like dust, water, and extreme temperatures. One of the key advantages of HMIs in industrial settings is their ability to alert operators to potential equipment issues early, preventing emergencies and allowing for proactive maintenance.

Looking to Upgrade From a CRT Screen?

If you find yourself still using an old-school Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Screen, modern alternatives such as LCD and LED screens have become much more affordable. If repairing an older CRT screen, we may run into difficulties sourcing parts for the repair as they are considered obsolete now. Upgrading to a modern display is recommended as it increases the user experience, is more reliable, and is more affordable than ever.
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The Benefits

Robots represent a significant investment in your operations. To ensure you get the most out of this investment, it’s crucial to regularly repair and maintain your machinery, extending the service life of your robots.

Experts in HMI Technology and Repairs

We specialize in a wide range of HMI repair services, from simple screen repairs to complex functionality issues. We’re able to also provide potential upgrade recommendations to further optimize the effectiveness of your HMI unit.

Quality Assurance Testing

We run your repaired HMI units through a comprehensive quality assurance test, ensuring that the software and functionality of the unit are free of any bugs or defects.

Ready for Immediate Use

Units are returned plug-and-play ready, ensuring they can be immediately integrated back into operations without additional setup, minimizing downtime.

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